Futureproof In Mens Fitness – July Issue

I jumped at the chance to be interviewed for Men’s Fitness special lockdown issue this July. With gyms closed and everyone are working from home, there’s been a huge influx getting their workout fix in local parks across Hackney. As one of the first PT’s specialising in outdoor fitness, I was chuffed the editor looked me up to give my take on these strange times!

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Corona Virus Personal Training

Corona Virus Fears? Outdoor Personal Training In Hackney’s Parks Is The Answer

escape the gym – it’s bad for your health?

If the thought of training indoors in a gym surrounded by others might fill you with fear during this ‘COVID-19’ pandemic, there is an alternative. Whilst we’re not saying it’s 100% guaranteed to keep you safe, we think personal training outdoors in Hackney’s parks, at a safe distance away from others (and your fitness trainer) is a great way to stay in shape during these uncertain times.

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How To Do More Pull Ups In 2020

Is your 2020 goal more pull ups? We want to help you get ‘London Fields pull up bar ready‘ this Summer (seriously – some of those guys are actual gymnasts so don’t be put off trying out pull ups for the first time!).

Many of our clients are frustrated at their lack of ability to do many, if any, pull ups. There’s a reason – they’re hard! It’s a big exercise, pulling your entire body weight up and over a bar.

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How To Stay Fit This Winter Season

Stay Fit This Winter In Hackney
Winter Personal Training In Hackney | Train Outside On A Cold, Sunny Day

If you’re looking for inspiration to stay fit this Winter, look no further than our current batch of Hackney fitness clients still persisting with their personal training programmes through these Winter months. It’s a struggle to stay motivated for sure, but on sunny, cold days like today, nothing beats an early morning workout on London Fields or Hackney Downs. After a quick warm-up, you’ll be surprised at how your body temperature rises, it’s even tee-shirt weather for one of our braver clients!

So, what can you do to stay motivated and fit this Winter? Here’s some simple tips to keep you in shape during these danger months of festive treats, early sunsets and office parties.

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Hackney Half 2020 | Marathon Training Tips

Less Than 6 Months To Go

2020 – it’s an Olympic Year! So if, like some of our clients, you’ve been inspired to run the Hackney Half Marathon on May 17th next year, here’s our best Hackney Half Marathon training tips.

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Go Sober For October 2019

We’re fully behind Macmillan Cancer Support’s ‘Go Sober for October’ campaign ( Living in the heart of Hackney, we recognise it’s super HARD to escape the temptations of locally brewed ales and other libations. So, we’re (ever-so casually) suggesting to all our personal training clients to join in and help this worthy cause, whilst helping them reach their fitness programme goals too.

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How We Design Your Fitness Programme

In addition to guiding and supporting you through your 60-minute workout, outside of your Hackney personal training sessions we design you a comprehensive fitness programme to ensure you meet your goals. From nutrition analysis and advice to preparing a monthly schedule of suggested physical activity, we can be as involved either as much or as little as you like.

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Improve Your Tennis Fitness With Personal Training

With so many great tennis courts locally in Hackney ( including London Fields, Hackney Downs and Victoria Park) we’ve discovered many of our clients love playing tennis and would like to improve their tennis fitness.

Plus, with 2 major tennis tournaments imminent in London this June and July – Queens and Wimbledon – we thought some of you might like some tips on how to improve your tennis fitness.

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