Personal Trainer Haggerston Park

Daigo Smith is an outdoor personal trainer in Haggerston Park E2, near Shoreditch and Broadway Market. With a Green Flag award, It’s one of the most quiet settings in Hackney for training (ssshhhh don’t tell everyone!).

A beautiful park with terraced areas, it’s the perfect environment if it happens to rain during your session. There’s also some handy natural equipment we can incorporate into your session, including logs for lifting and attachment points for battle ropes and TRX.

Haggerston Park Personal Training Hackney
Personal Training In The Natural Setting Of Haggerston Park, Hackney

Haggerston Park is located in the south west corner of Hackney, bordering Hackney Road. The park was developed in two phases in the 1950s and 1980s transforming the bomb damaged gas works and housing area.  The northern half of the park was developed first and was laid out following a nautical theme. The southern half followed and included the development of Hackney City Farm.