Personal Trainer Columbia Road E2

Looking for a personal trainer on Columbia Road, E2 in Tower Hamlets? Daigo of Futureproof Fitness, offers one to one personal training in your back garden, home or outdoor space.

Established for more than 10 years, Daigo has the experience and knowledge to train clients of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Whatever your fitness goal, simply get in touch for a 30min taster session here and see if you like what we do (we think you will!).

Whether you live on Columbia Road itself, Hackney Road or nearer Bethnal Green Road, there’s some great options for outdoor personal training right on your doorstep.

personal trainer columbia road e2
Personal Trainer Columbia Road, E2, Tower Hamlets | Weavers Fields

Example locations for taking your one to one workouts around Columbia Road could be your back garden (it’s surprising how little space you need), London Fields, Weavers Fields (see picture above). You can also try Haggerston Park or Ion Square Gardens at the northern end of Columbia Road. If you’d like to take things further afield, Victoria Park isn’t too far away or perhaps the fitness park of Hackney: Shoreditch Park.

Fit in a training session on Sunday morning (we work 7 days a week) and get a post workout coffee at the famous Columbia Road flower market before the crowds arrive, the perfect way to spend the weekend.

How it works

  • We’ll help you organise a taster session that fits around your schedule
  • Just bring yourself to the taster session and perhaps a bottle of water, that’s all!
  • We’ll take you through a typical workout, giving you a chance to try out lots of different kit
  • Share your fitness and health goals with us, it will really help us shape a plan tailored to your needs
  • Liked the taster session? Decide how many sessions you’d like to book (book more and save) and arrange your first personal training session