Personal Trainer London Fields, E8

Looking for a qualified personal trainer in London Fields, E8? You’ve come to the right place. Head Trainer at Futureproof Fitness, Daigo, lives just off Mare Street and is fully qualified with over 10 years experience training clients in and around London Fields, E8, Hackney.

Read some reviews from Daigo’s current and former clients here and book a taster session to see if you like what he does. With the latest training techniques and portable fitness equipment, Daigo can meet you at the entrance closest to your home or work.

Just a few steps from busy Mare Street is an oasis of calm for your training session. The park’s large grassy spaces surrounded by London Plane trees make an inspirational setting for your one to one workouts. We know the best spots to train on London Fields and can tuck away in one of the corners if it gets busy. Usually, for early starts and evenings, the park is relatively quiet and perfect for fitness.

Personal Trainer London Fields E8
Be Inspired With A Personal Trainer In London Fields, E8, Hackney

We agree, London Fields deserves it’s Green Flag award – an award given annually to the best green spaces in the country. With the lido at it’s heart and wide open spaces for running, it’s a park tailor made for fitness.

We like to maximise the use of the terrain in London Fields, with park benches for step ups and press ups and the flat, grassed areas for cone drills, sprints, hurdles and speed ladders. There’s ample space for our biggest bit of kit too – the Battle Ropes. Slung around one of the many plane trees as a secure base, these are a great cardio and strength blast. You’ll certainly know when you’ve had a battles ropes training session!