Personal Trainer Shoreditch Park

Searching for a good personal trainer in Shoreditch Park ? Our head fitness trainer, Daigo, has more than 10 years experience designing and delivering fitness programmes for clients in and around Shoreditch.

Your Personal Trainer In Shoreditch Park | Daigo | Futureproof Fitness

Shoreditch Park is nestled between Old Street and Hoxton, it’s a wide open space, formerly famous for it’s film studios overlooking the park where Alfred Hitchcock made several movies. Now though, it’s regarded as THE fitness park in East London with everything from rugby to beach volleyball taking place.

Personal Trainer Shoreditch Park
Shoreditch Park Personal Training | The Borough’s Fitness Park

As one of our regular outdoor training locations, Shoreditch Park, with it’s large expanse of green space, means there’s always plenty of room to move. Conveniently, there’s also a set of tennis and 5-a-side football courts at the Eastern end, which makes for a stable hard surface in muddier times.

We also love the concrete benches dotted around the park – perfect for bodyweight exercises.

Why We’re #1 In Shoreditch Park

– Established for over 10 years
– Fully qualified – see Daigos qualifications here
– Some of the best 5-star reviews on Google
– Competitive pricing


The park is bounded by Poole Street, Rushton and Mintern Streets and New North Road and Pitfield Street.

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