Futureproof In Mens Fitness – July Issue

I jumped at the chance to be interviewed for Men’s Fitness special lockdown issue this July. With gyms closed and everyone are working from home, there’s been a huge influx getting their workout fix in local parks across Hackney. As one of the first PT’s specialising in outdoor fitness, I was chuffed the editor looked me up to give my take on these strange times!

Here’s a teaser of some of the content, but you’ll need to grab the July issue to read the whole article and there’s some other insightful pieces in there too.

Men’s Fitness: Can you recommend a few bits of crucial kit that people might want to consider buying?

Daigo: Absolutely. Over the years I’ve searched high and low for versatile kit that adds variety to my clients’ workouts. As I carry everything for my PT sessions with me in a rucksack, I need kit that’s both portable and lightweight. 

Here’s my tips for the best outdoor fitness equipment:

What: Push-Up Wheel Grips
Why: Transforming into multiple elements, these innocuous push-up handles belie their versatilty. Use the bottom half pair of wheels for sliding mountain climbers, dynamic downward dogs and hamstring curls.  Attach them to the handles for some supremely challenging sliding push-ups.
Link: Decathlon
Cost: £10.99

What: Resistance Tubing
Why: A must for everyone strength training, whether for your warm-up or main session, the sheer number of exercises possible with this simple piece of kit make it my first recommendation to clients home training. Stuff it in your pocket on a run to the park and instantly switch from  cardio to strength work. Place under the feet or around a secure point.
Link: Amazon
Cost: £12.00

What: Agility Marker Spots
Why: These 6 multi-coloured spots brighten up any workout. They’re wipe clean too so perfect for the park, keeping your hands mud-free. Target the core and upper body by hand-walking across each pair of dots with press ups. Challenge your lower body with slalom drills and plyometric squat and side jumps, the markers acting as your landing targets.
Link: Perform Better
Cost: £13.20