How To Stay Fit This Winter Season

Stay Fit This Winter In Hackney
Winter Personal Training In Hackney | Train Outside On A Cold, Sunny Day

If you’re looking for inspiration to stay fit this Winter, look no further than our current batch of Hackney fitness clients still persisting with their personal training programmes through these Winter months. It’s a struggle to stay motivated for sure, but on sunny, cold days like today, nothing beats an early morning workout on London Fields or Hackney Downs. After a quick warm-up, you’ll be surprised at how your body temperature rises, it’s even tee-shirt weather for one of our braver clients!

So, what can you do to stay motivated and fit this Winter? Here’s some simple tips to keep you in shape during these danger months of festive treats, early sunsets and office parties.

Be Prepared – Winter Training Gear

If you’re training outdoors this Winter season you need the right gear. There’s nothing worse than being cold at the start of a training session, it increases the risk of muscle strains and isn’t that enjoyable really! Invest in some Winter training kit: fleeces; body warmers (gilets); thermal underwear; touch-screen gloves; waterproof trainers; beanie hats and of course, for the good old British weather – a waterproof jacket. Layering is the best way forward, as you’ll need to de-layer as you get going on your workout. Check out the Cold Weather selection at Nike for inspiration, other makes available!

Bring Forward Dry January By One Month

Dry December. It’s a big ask we know. But just think of the benefits: a guaranteed hangover start to the year; extra money for Christmas presents (your own of course).

Get Your Workouts In Early

With the sun going down super early in the Winter, training after 4pm, let alone after work at 6pm just feels too late. Dark and cold isn’t a great motivational combination either. We suggest getting in your workouts at the crack of dawn to make sure you complete them.

Train With A Friend

When someone is waiting for you at an agreed time and location (like a personal trainer or friend) it’s not so easy to roll over and press snooze on the alarm. Instead jump out of bed and lace up your trainers. You wouldn’t want to let your friend down, would you?

Set A 2020 Goal

Some of our personal training clients have set some targets and goals for 2020 already. A great one is the Hackney Half marathon in May. Whatever your goal be sure to lock it in and write it down now. Don’t leave it to the list of lost New Year’s resolutions.

Escape Britain For Warmer Climes

A bit of a cop out we know, but if the going gets tough – the tough go on holiday. Escape to the Winter sun of the Canary Islands or similar hot spot. A balmy 24 degrees Celsius all throughout December and January you’ll be able to go for those morning beach runs and that full fat coffee after.