Personal Trainer Stratford London, E20

Looking for a Personal Trainer Stratford London, E20? You’ve come to the right place. Head Personal Trainer, Daigo, trains clients in and around Hackney and Stratford. With more than 10 years experience as a local trainer he’s worked with clients of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Great personal training locations near Stratford include the huge Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and West Ham or Stratford Park. If you’re closer to the centre, you could even consider the northern edge of Victoria Park.

Looking For A Good Personal Trainer in Stratford London? Get In Touch

Our head trainer, Daigo, can meet you for a 30 minute taster workout at your home or park of choice near Stratford E20. It gives you a chance to try out the equipment we use and to see if it’s right for you, before you go ahead and book a package of sessions.