Go Sober For October 2019

We’re fully behind Macmillan Cancer Support’s ‘Go Sober for October’ campaign (https://www.gosober.org.uk). Living in the heart of Hackney, we recognise it’s super HARD to escape the temptations of locally brewed ales and other libations. So, we’re (ever-so casually) suggesting to all our personal training clients to join in and help this worthy cause, whilst helping them reach their fitness programme goals too.

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How We Design Your Fitness Programme

In addition to guiding and supporting you through your 60-minute workout, outside of your Hackney personal training sessions we design you a comprehensive fitness programme to ensure you meet your goals. From nutrition analysis and advice to preparing a monthly schedule of suggested physical activity, we can be as involved either as much or as little as you like.

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Bad Supermarket Foods At M & S Hackney? Uh-oh.

Bad Supermarket Foods To Avoid (and Our Futureproof Alternatives)

Whether it’s the M&S on Mare Street or Tesco on Morning Lane, be wary of the following bad supermarket foods slipping into your trolley. At first glance, they might seem healthy but they can actually hinder your nutrition and fitness plan.

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Ultra Processed Foods Hackney

Ultra Processed Foods And Why You Should Avoid Them

Drive Weight Gain: Findings Of New Study

We offer nutrition advice at Futureproof Fitness as it’s a key plank of any health and fitness programme. A new study just released has confirmed our suspicions: ultra-processed foods make you eat more, to the tune of 500 calories EXTRA per day.

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Get Lean In Hackney This Summer

Our ‘lean & burn’ 7 x Nutrition principles

Wondering how to get lean in Hackney this Summer? Along with your personal training in Hackney, your nutrition will play a key role in you reaching your goals. Whether it’s your diet choices at home, at work or through Uber Eats, here are our 7 guiding principles to help get you Hackney beach (is that London Fields?) fit for the Summer months.

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