Personal Trainer Homerton E5

Looking for a personal trainer in Homerton? Look no further. Daigo is a qualified personal trainer serving clients across Hackney. Established in 2008, Daigo set up Futureproof Fitness to challenge the indoor, gym-going culture. Training outdoors is more fun and just makes more sense. Escape the gym. Get fit in the fresh air of Homerton’s open spaces.

Homerton Personal Training Locations

If you live in Homerton, Hackney, walk in any direction for 5 minutes and you’ll stumble across a perfect outdoor workout location. With Mabley Green in the East, Victoria Park in the South, Millfields Park to the North and London Fields to the West, you’re spoilt for choice.

We love the open space of Mabley Green. It’s quiet with some random hilly terrain – perfect for hill sprints and incline press ups, if that’s your thing.

Personal trainer homerton
Personal Trainer Homerton | Mabley Green Is A Quiet, Green Outdoor Gym