Personal Trainer Victoria Park, E3

Find a personal trainer for Victoria Park, E3 one of Hackney and Tower Hamlet’s best places to workout. You’ll never hit the gym again once you’ve trained in the fresh air of this huge green space.

Here at Futureproof Fitness, head trainer Daigo is a regular with clients in Victoria Park and know it’s best spots for working out away from the crowds.

How it works

Daigo can meet you at any of the 10 gates to the park which are closet to your home or work. Then he’ll take you through a 50 minute personal training session.

With TRX equipment slung from playground equipment and battle ropes around tree trunks, we aim to use as much of the natural park environment as possible.

Come rain or shine, we’ll help you get fit outdoors. With a variety of covered terraces and bandstands, Victoria Park is also the perfect open-air gym. Read our recent blog post on this beautiful park, with our insider tips on where to train.

Personal Training in Victoria Park Hackney and Tower Hamlets.
Try A Personal Trainer In Victoria Park, East London’s Most Scenic Open Space


Get in touch with us to organise a 30 minute taster session (£30 fee) with Daigo, a personal trainer in Victoria Park, E3 Tower Hamlets.

Our Favourite VICTORIA PARK Meet points

  • Pavilion Cafe: perfect for a (healthy!) post workout snack.
  • Chinese pagoda: a calm and serene training location.
  • Old running track: in the main park this has some fitness equipment too.
  • People’s Park Tavern: we love the irony of meeting next to a pub.

Of course we’re more than happy to meet you anywhere in the park, whichever location is most convenient for you.

With Victoria Park and it’s stunning year-round scenery just on your doorstep, there’s never been a better time to try personal training.