Corona Virus Fears? Outdoor Personal Training In Hackney’s Parks Is The Answer

escape the gym – it’s bad for your health?

If the thought of training indoors in a gym surrounded by others might fill you with fear during this ‘COVID-19’ pandemic, there is an alternative. Whilst we’re not saying it’s 100% guaranteed to keep you safe, we think personal training outdoors in Hackney’s parks, at a safe distance away from others (and your fitness trainer) is a great way to stay in shape during these uncertain times.

NOTE: There is an update to this post given new Government guidelines, see the foot of this post for details.

Train Outdoors – wide open space and fresh air

With Government guidelines setting a safe distance of 3 feet between you and others, social distancing can be tough, especially when it comes to working out. Luckily, Hackney has the largest number of green outdoor spaces of any Borough in London. There’s always a quiet spot to train. From Victoria Park to Haggerston, London Fields, Hackney Downs and Millfields there’s plenty of options, 58 to be exact!

need Motivation? Just Turn up, we’ll bring the kit

Working out on your own can be tough. Especially if you’re new to park fitness and away from your usual gym environment where equipment is on hand. Hackney personal trainer Daigo will bring that structure back to your fitness routine. He’ll bring all the kit with him for a great park workout. From battle ropes and medicine balls to barbells ( yes, barbells!) and resistance tubes there’s nothing that won’t fit in his seemingly bottomless backpack.

is YOUR fitness kit disinfected and safe FROM COVID-19?

Though we make every effort to disinfect our fitness equipment after each use, we do ask our clients to wash their hands thoroughly after each workout as a precaution.

Should we train with a cold or other symptom?

If either the client or your personal trainer has a cold or other symptom of Corona Virus / Covid 19, or either party has been in touch with a person with symptoms, the session simply won’t go ahead.

Do you offer Personal Training via ZOOM, SKYPE or other video call?

We can certainly offer that if you want us to. Our prices stay the same and we’ll lock in a time and date each week to patch you in via video call. If you’ve some home fitness equipment, such as free weights and a yoga mat, even just having those gives you some great workout options. Nonetheless we can take you through an amazing full body workout using everyday household furniture and other items. You’ll be surprised at how versatile that living room coffee table is!


Just as good as a Hackney park is your back garden. If you’re stuck in and WFH, we can call round at a pre-allocated time to take you through your workout. Ideally, we’d train outdoors in your back-garden. It doesn’t need to be big, though it should be paved or concrete so we don’t mess up your lawn! We’ll be monitoring the situation over the coming weeks. Currently, visits to households are permitted but in these uncertain times that may change in the coming weeks and months.

* UPDATE 23 MARCH 2020: Due to new Government guidelines, we are no longer training our clients face to face but are offering Zoom and Skype sessions instead.