Our Festive Fitness Tips

Christmas fitness tips? We’ve got them covered.

As the Christmas lights go up outside Hackney Town Hall (even earlier than last year?), the season to be jolly approaches. Office Christmas parties, annual get togethers with friends and a general winding down of work means just one thing: TEMPTATION.

Hackney must have one of the highest concentrations of bars and restaurants in London, so with food and drinking options are aplenty, you’re at your most vulnerable health and fitness-wise. We try and keep our personal training clients to a regular schedule of personal training sessions and fully motivated over the festive season, although we’ve yet to train someone on Christmas Day!

Here’s 6 Christmas Fitness tips in Hackney for keeping fit this festive season – or at the very least maintaining your current level of fitness through these danger months!

1) Eat Before Heading Out

Parties, family and friend visits? Just make sure you eat before you head out. This will reduce the temptation of snacking one too many on those canapés. For the main course and more, the food will be tempting, but don’t over do it on portion size.

2) Enjoy Long Walks In Hackney’s Parks

With over 58 green spaces in Hackney, why not take some of your holiday time to explore the world around where you live over Christmas. Walks on a cold, clear day are fantastic this time of year and will help keep you active over the holidays.

3) Stick To A Realistic Exercise Plan

It’s called the holiday season for a reason. You need some time to rest and recover from a busy year and your body deserves this break so set yourself realistic exercise goals. So, instead of thinking you’ll do something everyday, opt for every other day for these festive weeks. This way you won’t miss out on all the fun, but you won’t completely abandon your workout ethic.

4) Train With Friends And Family

Christmas is a time for catching up with friends and family, but why not use that opportunity to train with them instead of heading down to your local Hackney pub?
Research shows people train better with a friend as it keeps them motivated and pushes them just a little harder. It’s great to do exercise as group so if you’re with your family make sure you get outside this Christmas, even if it is just for a long walk!

5) Watch Those Festive Drinks

Keep an eye on your alcohol intake. We won’t be bah humbug and split your fun but try and moderate what you drink. Opt for Slimline Gin and Tonics ( 90 calories) or half pints (190 calories) instead of their fuller cousins. Some drinks such as mulled wine are very high on calories (the high sugar content), whereas others are surprising lower on calories such as champagne and dry white wine. Make careful substitutes where possible!

6) Finally: Enjoy Yourself!

Finally, please have fun this Christmas – 2019 has been a long and hard year, you’ve earned it. Try and exercise wherever and whenever you can but don’t beat yourself up too much if you have a day or two off. By moderating your food and alcohol intake you’ll be in a great place for kick-starting your routine in 2020.

We hope you enjoy these Christmas fitness tips. Need some help with your 2020 fitness? Try Hackney Personal Training with Daigo.

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