Personal Trainer Hoxton, N1, E1 and E2

We’ve the right Hoxton personal trainer for you. Daigo from Futureproof Fitness is one of Hackney’s most established fitness trainers, with over 10 years training clients in parks and outdoors spaces across the borough.

Why choose us

  • A local, independent personal trainer based in Hackney
  • Established for over 10 years, Daigo is Hackney’s original mobile personal trainer
  • Fully qualified to REPS Level 3, pre and post natal fitness and GP referall
  • Certified Advanced Personal Trainer Qualification from leading provider: Premier Global
  • Scores of happy clients, read Daigo’s REVIEWS HERE

Hoxton Personal Training locations

If you live near Spitalfields, Brick Lane or Hoxton Square, you might be surprised at the outdoor training locations just a stone’s throw away. Shoreditch Park is by far one of our favourites with our clients. It’s wide open spaces and 24 hour lighting and access, perfect for outdoor fitness day or night. Less well known are Shepherdess Walk Park and Aske Gardens. These are both great options during daylight hours. Hoxton Square gardens in the early morning is also conveniently located.

personal trainer hoxton
Your Personal Trainer In Hoxton Can Train You In Shoreditch Park

book a taster, see if you like us

We’re confident you’ll sign up to a programme after a 30 minute taster session in Hoxton. In this initial workout, you’ll get a chance to meet Daigo and discuss your goals and background. He’ll take you through the variety of kit you might use in a typical session and question you on your likes and dislikes. With over a decade of experience, Daigo realises some exercises and fitness equipment might not appeal to everyone so he’s flexible in his approach. With a multitude of training equipment to workout with, he can design a programme around your favourite (or least hated!) fitness kit.