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Daigo Smith has over 10 years experience as a qualified personal trainer in Hackney. His qualifications include: Level 3 Advanced Personal Training, GP Referral and Pre & Post Natal Fitness. Daigo studied at some of the UK’s leading fitness education providers including Premier Global, The Wright Foundation and YMCA Fit.

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Qualified Personal Trainer Hackney | Daigo Smith | Futureproof Fitness


Disillusioned with his own experience of large, busy gym chains Daigo believed there was another way to stay fit. Away from the crowd and in the fresh air. A personal approach rather than mass market. Health first then aesthetics. Bodyweight rather than machine-based training.

After gaining a diploma from one of the UK’s leading institutions, Premier Global, Daigo conceived the idea of a personal training for those who want to ‘Escape The Gym’.

Futureproof Fitness was launched across Hackney in the Summer of 2008. Daigo offers a level of one-to-one attention, motivation and support so often missing in today’s robotic gym-culture.

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Don’t Be A Gym Robot | Escape The Gym With Qualified Personal Trainer, Daigo

Daigo continues to study and expand his knowledge, taking industry-recognised qualifications whilst training a small number of clients.

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