Personal Trainer Broadway Market

We’ve an inkling all the food, drinks and fun choices on this street might be one of the reasons you’re looking for a personal trainer on Broadway Market. We realise it’s tricky keeping up any kind of fitness and nutrition routine with one of the most vibrant streets in Hackney on your doorstep.

Luckily, we’re here to help you get on track. Our founder and qualified personal trainer at Futureproof Fitness, Daigo, lives a stones’ throw away from Broadway Market (on Well Street) and regularly trains his clients on both London Fields, Haggerston Park and Victoria Park. You can meet Daigo by booking a taster session, just complete the enquiry form here with some preferred dates and he’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

With 24/7 access and well lit paths and public toilets, London Fields is perfect for all-season, all-hour personal training. In Summer, we try and avoid the picnic crowds by steering to the north end towards the end of the lido. All other seasons, London Fields gets quieter and on a sunny autumn morning it could be just you and a few dog-walkers.

Just as close, but on the opposite direction of Broadway Market is the walled garden of Haggerston Park. Less busy than London Fields, we think it makes a perfect training spot, especially on a Saturday morning when the hustle and bustle of the Broadway Market crowds gets a bit too much!

Only a short jog away on the canal at the south end, we can meet you in smaller of the two parks that make up Victoria Park. It’s got some quiet areas and some great tree hooks to hang our equipment from (TRX and resistance tubes). There’s also an ample number of park benches – we love a good bench for tricep dips, press ups and step ups.