Get Lean In Hackney This Summer

Our ‘lean & burn’ 7 x Nutrition principles

Wondering how to get lean in Hackney this Summer? Along with your personal training in Hackney, your nutrition will play a key role in you reaching your goals. Whether it’s your diet choices at home, at work or through Uber Eats, here are our 7 guiding principles to help get you Hackney beach (is that London Fields?) fit for the Summer months.

1. Carbs: YES to veg, pulses & NO to lots of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes.

Get serious about eating much more vegetables and pulses (beans, seeds, nuts etc) rather than opting for your traditional sources of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice etc – minimise these as much as possible). These will be your primary sources of carbohydrates (and fibre) and will give you the full feeling when you get a carb craving!

2. Think LEAN protein for EVERY meal!

Lean protein fills you up, keeps hunger away and helps build calorie-burning muscle. Lean protein is a key element of this diet. Aim for each meal ( that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner ) to consist of 60-70% lean protein and the rest a mix of steamed vegetables/pulses with MINIMAL carbohydrates (e.g. a very small portion of rice )

Good protein sources:

  • Dairy: eggs – not fried!, low fat cheese ( e.g. feta )
  • Lean meats and poultry – chicken, turkey, beef, lamb
  • Fish – salmon, tuna
  • Nuts and seeds – peanuts, almonds, walnuts
  • Pulses – kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, cannelini, soy beans (tofu)

3. Drink ZERO alcohol.

Strict adherence to this is needed. Alcohol is empty calories and these empty extra calories are stored as fat in the critical regions you want to lose the inches in! Avoid beer, wine, cocktails, shots – anything with alcohol in!

4. Drink LOTS of water.

Water helps fill you so you won’t eat as much. Drink up to 2 litres a day. In addition, recent studies have shown that drinking more water increases your metabolism ( you burn more calories! ).

5. ZERO liquid calories.

Related to the last point, you’ll drink only water, lemon water or decaf unsweetened tea or black decaf coffee ( avoid caffeine! ). NO soft drinks, fruit juice, alcohol, sports drinks, milk, or sweetened tea or coffee.

6. ZERO diet goods.

No diet drinks or classic ‘diet labelled’ food (e.g., diet 7-up, diet coke, low fat muesli bars etc). Choose the natural alternative ALWAYS. Avoid anything with artificial sweeteners in or anything that says low-fat on the label, it is more often than not empty and artificial.

7. Avoid ALL added sugar.

Let’s keep it simple: avoid white sugar, brown sugar.