Victoria Park Fitness Under The Bandstand

Victoria Park Fitness – The Inside Track

Victoria Park is one of the largest green spaces in East London, making it one of the best spots for fitness. Stretching from Tower Hamlets in the South to the borders of Stratford and Hackney in the East, there are a range of different training areas, terrains and environments perfect for your own fitness or personal training sessions with us. Here’s the inside track from our 10 years of training clients in beautiful Vicky Park.

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Kick Start Your Fitness This Summer In Hackney – 6 Tips

Want to kick start your fitness? If you haven’t worked out in months or are entirely new to fitness, we realise just starting a regular fitness routine can be one of the hardest parts of your journey. If you live local in Hackney and are looking for that magical boost to kick start your fitness, here’s 7 local tips we recommend.

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Bad Supermarket Foods At M & S Hackney? Uh-oh.

Bad Supermarket Foods To Avoid (and Our Futureproof Alternatives)

Whether it’s the M&S on Mare Street or Tesco on Morning Lane, be wary of the following bad supermarket foods slipping into your trolley. At first glance, they might seem healthy but they can actually hinder your nutrition and fitness plan.

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Ultra Processed Foods Hackney

Ultra Processed Foods And Why You Should Avoid Them

Drive Weight Gain: Findings Of New Study

We offer nutrition advice at Futureproof Fitness as it’s a key plank of any health and fitness programme. A new study just released has confirmed our suspicions: ultra-processed foods make you eat more, to the tune of 500 calories EXTRA per day.

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Get Lean In Hackney This Summer

Our ‘lean & burn’ 7 x Nutrition principles

Wondering how to get lean in Hackney this Summer? Along with your personal training in Hackney, your nutrition will play a key role in you reaching your goals. Whether it’s your diet choices at home, at work or through Uber Eats, here are our 7 guiding principles to help get you Hackney beach (is that London Fields?) fit for the Summer months.

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Hackney Half Marathon

Improve A Half Marathon Time

If you’ve completed a half marathon and are preparing for your next one (perhaps the Hackney Half?) you’re probably chasing one goal – to improve your half marathon time. Whether it’s your second or tenth half marathon, from novice to advanced, here are some tips that’ll get you round that course in personal best time:

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Our London Marathon Checklist: 24 Hours To Go (PS. Good Luck John & Dorota!)

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on the Virgin London Marathon this Sunday as a current personal training client, John and former client, Dorota are both running. Here’s some background on their story and a sneak peek at their 24 hour checklist.

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Our Campaign For Outdoor Gyms In ALL of Hackney Parks

We’ve written a letter to Hackney council urging them to support our campaign to bring more outdoor gym equipment to Hackney. With violent crime rising and fast food takeaways on every corner, we believe outdoor gyms can counter some of the problems in Hackney. They also make a great addition to your personal training programme ( though we generally bring all the equipment we need for your session with us).

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Pregnancy Personal Training In Hackney: Your Pre And Post Natal Fitness

With qualifications in Pregnancy Personal Training from the UK’s leading pre and post natal fitness specialist, The Wright Foundation, Hackney personal trainer Daigo is ready to help you on your journey.

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Get FUTUREPROOF Fit With Calisthenics

Guilt-free, lazy lunch breaks on London Fields are proving mighty difficult these days with a growing number of Hackney folk turning to a new lunchtime fitness craze on London Fields –calisthenics – in full view of the picnic crowd.