Our Campaign For Outdoor Gyms In ALL of Hackney Parks

We’ve written a letter to Hackney council urging them to support our campaign to bring more outdoor gym equipment to Hackney. With violent crime rising and fast food takeaways on every corner, we believe outdoor gyms can counter some of the problems in Hackney. They also make a great addition to your personal training programme ( though we generally bring all the equipment we need for your session with us).

Encouraging the community to exercise outdoors should be at the core of Hackney’s social health programme. With a growing body of evidence proving that exercise + green spaces can reduce depression; boost immunity and be a better workout than indoors we think it’s a cost effective use of tax-payers money to install outdoor gym equipment in Hackney parks.

Types of Outdoor Gym equipment

From the basic pull up bars, to more sophisticated equipment that mimics resistance machines in the gym, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Here’s our favourite pieces of equipment:

hackney council campaign
Outdoor Gym Station | More Of These PLEASE @Hackney Council!

Outdoor Gym Stations

These improve cardiovascular fitness and toning, as well as helping you build stamina and boost fitness levels. there’s a wide range of outdoor fitness equipment that targets different muscle groups which can be used by all members of the community aged fourteen and over.

Multi purpose Frame

A multi purpose frame appeals to a variety of users, designed for a total body workout which encourages bodyweight exercises and calisthenics-based exercises to help develop core strength, flexibility and confidence. There are 13 different exercises that can be performed without the need for any additional equipment

LOW IMPACT Equipment

Low impact fitness equipment are designed for people of all ranges and abilities. They help in aiding recovery for those in need of movement-based exercises helping with flexibility, strength, coordination and re-building confidence through to those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Join our cause

Simply email Hackney council with the subject line: “Install outdoor gyms in all Hackney parks!” and send them the link to this page with more information.

Update: 16 April 2019: we’re still awaiting a response from Hackney council.