Victoria Park Fitness – The Inside Track

Victoria Park is one of the largest green spaces in East London, making it one of the best spots for fitness. Stretching from Tower Hamlets in the South to the borders of Stratford and Hackney in the East, there are a range of different training areas, terrains and environments perfect for your own fitness or personal training sessions with us. Here’s the inside track from our 10 years of training clients in beautiful Vicky Park.

The Bandstand:

Surprisingly, bad weather affects outdoor workouts on average only 1 in 10 times. We’re pretty good at predicting weather and can reschedule if it’s guaranteed rain, but if we get caught out mid-fitness session, Victoria Park’s covered bandstand makes the perfect cover for your training sessions.

The Running Track:

If you’re local and in the know, you’ll be familiar with the disused running track on the Bow side of the park. Once a regular spot for fitness in Victoria Park, it’s no longer maintained as but the markings are there on the old running track for some timed sprints and longer duration training. You’ll also find handy pull up bars and stationary hurdles and obstacles to add into a circuit.

The Pagoda:

Time to relax with pilates, yoga and deep-breathing techniques. What better area to do this than the peaceful serenity of the Chinese Pagoda in Victoria Park, surrounded by the lake, bamboo and maple trees. There’s some cover inside too from the weather. And it’s wooden structure and floor gives a nice feel on the hands when performing floor exercises. Learn more about this fascinating structure here.

The Canal:

We’re big fans of all things nature so jogs and training sessions near water are a great addition to your workout scenery. From the canal side of Victoria Park (by Approach Road) head South down the canal along the stretch of Mile End Park, first stopping off at the outdoor gym created for the Olympics in 2012. With a variety of stationary machines which use your bodyweight as resistance, it’s much better than working out inside a stuffy gym. Perform a circuit there and continue your run down the canal to what’s possibly the only decent hill in the whole of East London. More of a mound than a hill, it’s by the Palm Tree pub, but is perfect for interval hill sprints.

Under The Trees:

Fartlek. Excuse me? No, it’s not a rude word but a rude workout. It’s a simple Swedish training method of running at different paced intervals. When you run fast and how long you do is entirely up to you. We love it’s flexible approach. The best place to try this fitness method in Victoria Park is by the Gate near the Pavilion café. There’s a long set of plane trees which make great visual cues of when to start and finish your ‘fartlek’ sprints. Get out there and run with the wind!

The Playground:

Victoria Park has one of the best playgrounds (in the world – according to my nieces) but this also doubles as a perfect Adult Fitness Playground. All kinds of bodyweight exercises are possible: from press ups and pull ups to parkour-based jumps. Plus, when you take one of our personal training sessions, we’ll bring kit that attaches to the secure foundations of some of the equipment. TRX rows in from a kids swing? Russian twists with resistance tubing on a climbing frame? Battles ropes from the foot of a slide? We’ll show you how.